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Lumin CPAP & Personal Sanitizing Unit - MonsterCPAP
Lumin CPAP & Personal Sanitizing Unit - MonsterCPAP
Lumin CPAP & Personal Sanitizing Unit - MonsterCPAP
Lumin CPAP & Personal Sanitizing Unit - MonsterCPAP
Lumin Bullet CPAP Tube Sanitizer - MonsterCPAP

Lumin CPAP & Personal Sanitizer

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The Lumin sanitizing device will clean your personal items and CPAP equipment in just 5 minutes. Don't let your CPAP mask become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Lumin is the fastest and easiest way to sanitize your mask and humidifier. Use Lumin to sanitize other small accessories such as cell phones. Open the sliding tray, place your personal items and CPAP equipment inside, close and push the button to start. The Lumin uses safe UVC light to sanitize, water-free and chemical-free.

Lumin uses the same disinfecting method used in operating rooms and surgical centers. It uses a special high powered germicidal Ultra Violet light that neutralizes and kills harmful bacteria, mould and fungus the light hits in minutes.


Quick 5 Min Disinfection

Lumin works by emitting high energy light within a narrow spectrum referred to as UV-C. The Lumin relies on a low-pressure, mercury-arc germicidal lamp designed to produce the highest amounts of UV light where 90% of energy is generated around 254nm. This energy spectrum is very close to the peak of the germicidal effectiveness curve of 265nm, the most lethal wave to microorganisms.

UV Light kills 99% of Bacteria

UV light will disinfect up to 99% of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and fungi that can cause infection and illness. UV light is also the safest disinfection option on the market, there is NO HARMFUL OZONE. Ozone has been shown by the FDA to irritate the lungs and respiratory system, making it extra harmful for people with respiratory illnesses.

No Harmful Ozone

The use of UV-C is environmentally friendly, leaves no residue or toxic gases or chemicals. UV-C systems are currently in use to disinfect ambulances, emergency service vehicles and other high touch areas.


Lumin makes cleaning your CPAP mask and accessories affordable at 50% less than other brands. A healthy CPAP experience should be affordable for everyone.


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