Nuance Pro Gel Frame Nasal Pillows Mask
Nuance Pro Gel Frame Nasal Pillows Mask - MonsterCPAP
Philips Respironics

Nuance Pro Gel Frame Nasal Pillows Mask

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The mask's gel padded frame and non-slip headgear holds the mask in place, which reduces the need for re-adjustment, and gives a unique, high-performing look and feel. The Nuance Pro features a lightweight minimal design to help you sleep freely through the night. Philips Respironics soft gel pillow technology forms its seal around the base of the nose, not inside – providing a more comfortable experience. Nuance Pro Gel Frame comes in a Fitpack.

Nuance Pro Gel Frame Nasal Pillow Mask includes small, medium, and large pillows.


  • The Nuance Pro Frame is made of flexible clear silicone.
  • It includes gel pads at the cheek area of the frame to cushion the area. The gel pads are permanently attached to the silicone frame and cannot be removed.
  • The headgear is designed with Velcro closure tabs which attach to slots in the silicone frame.
  • Causes less nostril discomfort and irritation than the industry-leading pillows mask. 
  • Patients rated Nuance easier to assemble, disassemble and use than the leading pillows mask. 
  • Non-slip headgear stays in place during the night Light-weight, flexible tubing Conforms to different size nostrils