DreamStation Auto CPAP w/ Heated Humidifier - MonsterCPAP
DreamStation Auto CPAP w/ Heated Humidifier - MonsterCPAP
DreamStation Auto CPAP w/ Heated Humidifier - MonsterCPAP
Philips Respironics

DreamStation Auto Expert w/ Heated Humidifier

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The Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto Expert CPAP with Heated Humidifier is the latest DreamStation. This Auto Expert model is exactly the same as its predecessor, DreamStation Auto but offers a new comfort mode called P-Flex.  This P-Flex mode is excellent for first-time users by boasting enhanced comfort inhalation and exhalation abilities.  Like all other DreamStation series, this was designed to be light enough to pack and use while travelling. Its advanced Bluetooth capabilities integrated with optional Wi-Fi and cellular modems make the DreamStation Auto Expert one of the most technologically advanced APAP machines on the market. 

Comes with: DreamStation Auto Expert + Humidifier + Heated Hose + Travel Bag


Patient driven design.
A sleek, stylish, low-profile design offers the important features patients want in a therapy device. It’s small and light, making it easy to pack for travel. It features easy-to-navigate menus, a front-facing display that can be operated while lying down or sitting up in bed as well as an easy-to-clean, one-piece humidifier water chamber.

Acclimation made easy.
DreamStation includes a set of tools to make it easy for patients starting PAP therapy and for their continued long-term use. EZ-Start can help patients gradually acclimate to therapy, while SmartRamp allows users to fall asleep to lower pressures.

Connectivity options.
Offers more monitoring choices than any leading CPAP brand with standard integrated Bluetooth® on every device and offering optional Wi-Fi and cellular modems (modems optional).

The built-in Bluetooth® makes connectivity to the DreamMapper patient self-management tool easy. DreamMapper provides goal-setting tools, helpful videos and ongoing feedback to the patient’s mobile phone or tablet, keeping them engaged in their therapy.

Performance Check. 
Simplifies in-home device evaluation. Remote troubleshooting simplifies in-home device evaluation.


  • Operating modes: AutoCPAP, Fixed CPAP, CPAP-Check
  • Pressure Range: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Flex Comfort: A-Flex, C-Flex, P-Flex
  • Humidification: Fixed Adaptive
  • Ramp (5-45 minutes): Standard SmartRamp
  • Altitude Compensation: Automatic
  • Modem Compatibility: Standard (optional Cellular Modem or Wi-Fi Accessory)
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity: Standard
  • DreamMapper Compatibility: Standard (by mobile app or web)
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty