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Travel PAP Machines: ResMed AirMini Review

on August 20, 2020

Who says bigger is always better? While travel is temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from using a travel PAP machine. 

The ResMed AirMini is one of the smallest CPAP machines on the market and has been noted for its ease of use, portability and advanced technologies. Discover more about this machine that CPAP users are calling ‘small but powerful’. 

The ResMed AirMini: An Insightful Guide 

Don’t let its small size fool you. 

The ResMed AirMini has been making waves in the PAP machine world since it was released to the market in 2017. This popular, streamlined CPAP machine offers advanced technology features that take the hassle out of Sleep Apnea therapy compliance and improves the CPAP experience. 

Weighing in at just 0.66 pounds (300 grams), ResMed recognized the importance of designing a PAP machine that could be easily portable. 

For years, CPAP machines were designed with functionality at top of mind. Yet, convenience is also a necessity especially for those who are required to travel frequently. As CPAP therapy is only successful if you stay compliant, the AirMini was created to make sure that Sleep Apnea patients could continue treatment anytime and anywhere. 

Its ability to fit into the palm of your hand isn’t the only aspect of this travel PAP machine that has been garnering attention. Its advanced features are hard to overlook including a fully integrated system, app compatibility and waterless humidification. 

Features Of This Portable CPAP Machine

What features make this portable CPAP machine make this ResMed Sleep Apnea machine stand out among the rest? 

Below, we discuss the top benefits that CPAP users can expect to receive when they purchase an AirMini travel CPAP machine. 

Compact & Portable 

Due to its compact size, travelling both nationally and internationally is much more convenient. Its discrete and sleek design means that you can easily tuck it away in your suitcase, backpack or purse when travelling by plane or by car. Additionally, this machine has also been approved by many airlines so can easily be brought on board if you are going on a longer flight. 

Its minimal design is also attractive to those who prefer to be more discrete with their CPAP therapy on a normal basis. The machine can sit comfortably on your bedside table without taking up too much space. 

Also, with a built-in waterless HumidX unit, it means that you don’t have to worry about having a bulky water chamber or a supply of distilled water. Regardless of whether you travel a lot or not, there is no denying that this PAP machine is very portable. 

Minimal Sound

One complaint that CPAP users often note is how loud some PAP machines can be. 

In terms of noise level, the ResMed AirMini offers minimal noise compared with other machines in its size category. The sound output level is 30dBA and can be compared to that of white noise or a low hum. 

If you are looking for a machine that is small and quiet, the AirMini delivers on this aspect. 

Sleep Apnea Therapy Data Access

One of the most notable benefits that CPAP users receive, however, is the access to Sleep Apnea therapy data access. 

ResMed built this travel CPAP machine with in-built Bluetooth technology that connects to the AirMini app. From the app, you have the capabilities to track your usage, sleep score, apneic events trends and also gives you the ability to update settings for a number of comfort features including EPR. 

Multiple CPAP Mask Options 

Lastly, with the AirMini, you aren’t restricted to a single style of mask. 

Due to being built as a fully integrated system, you can choose a compatible ResMed CPAP mask for use with the machine to enjoy high-quality Sleep Apnea therapy no matter your facial shape, size or mask preferences. 

A number of ResMed CPAP masks that are compatible with this portable CPAP machine include the AirFit N20 nasal mask, AirFit F20 full face mask and AirFit P10 nasal pillow mask. 

Buying A Travel PAP Machine: What To Look For 

When you are looking to buy a travel PAP machine it’s always important to make sure that it is lightweight, compact and designed for easy portability while providing high-quality treatment. At MonsterCPAP, many of our customers have had success with the ResMed AirMini not only from a travelling perspective but also from a therapy compliance one. 

If you are interested in investing in a travel CPAP machine or are looking for a model that is more streamlined and compact in design, we highly recommend the AirMini. 

Get in touch with our experts today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.