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CPAP Supplies: What Is The Benefit Of Having A CPAP Cleaning Machine?

on August 21, 2020

Cleaning Your CPAP Supplies: There’s A Machine For That

When it comes to cleaning your CPAP supplies, do you often groan and roll your eyes? Do you put off cleaning that obvious mark on your Sleep Apnea mask because you don’t have the time to manually clean it each morning before starting work and getting the children ready? 

The good news is that the days of physically having to clean your CPAP equipment yourself are long gone. Not only are there plenty of CPAP cleaning machines on the market that promise to half the time needed to get your CPAP mask and parts sparkling clean. But, they also ensure that you continue to stay healthy while complying with CPAP therapy. 

In this article, we outline why it’s important to clean your CPAP equipment regularly and introduce one of our team’s favourite cleaning machines, the Lumin Sanitizer. 

Why It’s Important To Clean Your CPAP Equipment

Regular cleaning of your CPAP supplies is essential to make sure that your equipment doesn’t have the ability to make you sick from illnesses or infections. Bacteria, dust, grime and other particles build up on your CPAP equipment each day. 

Oil, sweat and dead skin cells accumulate on and in your CPAP mask on a daily basis. After each use, these bacteria particles continue to build-up if they aren’t removed. Over time, this not only leads to a higher risk of you becoming sick but it can also impact the effectiveness of your equipment. It is not uncommon for you to begin noticing a foul odour or an increase in sleep disruptions. 

By cleaning your CPAP supplies regularly, you protect both the integrity of your equipment but also of Sleep Apnea treatment itself. You wouldn’t go a month without washing your clothes, so don’t ignore your CPAP mask and machine.  

CPAP Cleaning Machine: An Insightful Guide To The Lumin Sanitizer

Now that you understand the importance of cleaning your equipment it’s time to move on to the best tool to do it. 

CPAP cleaning devices such as the Lumin CPAP Sanitizer have been praised by many patients since it was released. This CPAP cleaner by 3D Medical is highly recommended by experts and it’s not hard to see why. This cleaning machine has the ability to sanitize each part of your PAP equipment and kill up to 99% of bacteria in less than 5 minutes. 

It does this by using an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic UV light that is safely contained in the CPAP cleaning machine’s chamber.

In terms of the CPAP cleaning machine market, this device far outweighs some of its competitors in terms of the benefits that it offers users including:

  • Safely cleaning equipment without the use of any harmful and harsh chemicals
  • A no-nonsense cleaning routine that will mean that all CPAP supplies are sanitized in the time it takes to make your morning coffee
  • 100% kills all bacteria and viruses that are invisible to the naked eye, therefore, helping to prevent illnesses
  • Can be used to sanitize and clean other household items such as baby pacifiers, smartphones and glasses

The best part about the Lumin UV CPAP Cleaner is that once it has finished cleaning each part of your equipment, it is ready for immediate use. So, no waiting around if you forget to clean your mask first thing in the morning. 

Choosing The Right Cleaning Products For Your Equipment

Finding time to clean your CPAP supplies is a necessity and choosing the right products to do the job is just as important as finding the right CPAP mask. Investing in a CPAP cleaning machine like the Lumin CPAP Sanitizer will ensure that you continue to receive effective therapy while also prolonging the shelf life of your equipment. 

Not sure if you have the right cleaning products for your CPAP mask and machine? Get in touch with our team of experts here at MonsterCPAP and we’ll guide you through the best cleaning products for your needs. Browse our selection of CPAP cleaners, CPAP mask wipes and much more on our online store.