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Choosing the Standard vs. Cleanable Water Chambers

on August 06, 2021

If you’ve ever purchased a ResMed CPAP machine, you’ve likely come across the option for a standard vs. cleanable water tank. ResMed has been offering this choice for quite some time, since it gives people flexibility on the price and durability of their water tank.

But which option is the best one for you?

Keep reading to find out the difference between the two choices and how to choose the right fit for your lifestyle.

You can review both these water chambers here.

Standard vs. Cleanable Water Tank

ResMed's AirSense 10 Series has two great options in terms of water tanks. The standard water tank is the version that comes with the model, while the cleanable water tank is an upgrade you can purchase.

So, what’s the difference?

The standard water tank is designed to be replaced every 6 months. You can hand wash it with soap and water, but it can’t be run through the dishwasher or taken apart for heavy duty cleaning. It opens at the top and has an injection moulded plastic shell. The base is stainless steel and the cover is a latex-free thermoplastic elastomer—this is all to say that the standard water tank is fairly sturdy and well built, but still needs to be replaced.

The cleanable water tank, on the other hand, can last you up to 2.5 years with proper care. It’s more expensive, but it’s durable enough to run through the dishwasher for easy, quick cleaning. While mostly identical to the standard tank, the cleanable tank can be taken apart and snapped back together for a deep clean. It’s made fairly similarly to the standard water tank, but also has silicone to seal the water inside and is of the caliber used in hospitals or sleep clinics.

Which Is Right For Me?

The right choice of water chamber for you will depend on a few factors:

Price: For some, the higher price tag on the cleanable water tank is worth it for the added durability and ease of cleaning. But for some, saving money on the standard water tank is a better deal, even if it has to be replaced twice a year.

Cleaning: Both tanks do need to be cleaned, but the cleanable water tank makes it a lot easier on you and can help you achieve a deeper clean. But if you don’t want to fiddle with putting the tank back together, handwashing the standard tank might be more appealing to you.

Quality: The cleanable water tank is of the caliber used in hospitals and sleep clinics, which is more appealing to some. Knowing the durability and quality of the water chamber is often a draw.

The right option is different for everyone and depends on your priorities for a CPAP water chamber.

Final Thoughts on the Standard vs. Cleanable Water Chamber

The right water chamber really depends on your unique needs and preferences. For many people, the standard water tank will suffice and there’s no need to consider an upgrade. But if you prefer premium quality, durability, and ease of cleaning (not to mention a deeper clean), the cleanable water tank would be a better fit.