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Best CPAP Machine for Women [Review]

on April 12, 2021

Our Winner: AirSense 10 Auto For Her

The AirSense 10 Auto For Her is, almost unanimously, the best CPAP machine for women available on the market. With a sensitive algorithm that optimizes treatment for those with more hypopnea and a long list of smart features, this CPAP machine is ingeniously and customized especially for women.

Our Review: AirSense 10 Auto For Her

Using the right CPAP machine for your body is important to your health and wellness. For many women, most CPAP machines aren’t able to detect subtle changes in their air flow, which means they’re not getting the air and sleep they need each night.

However, the AirSense 10 Auto For Her is here to change that, with specific features that make it the best CPAP machine for women.

If you’re finding your CPAP machine isn’t helping you get the rest you need, it’s probably time to give the "AirSense 10 Auto For Her a try.

You’ll likely notice a major difference right away thanks to features and settings that are optimized specifically for women. This review will dive into exactly what makes it the best CPAP machine for women, because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

ResMed AirSense 10 For Her

The Best CPAP Machine for Women

ResMed AirSense 10 Auto For Her

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Why is it the Best CPAP Machine for Women?

Sensitive Flow Algorithm

The most important reason why the AirSense 10 Auto For Her is the best CPAP machine for women is the sensitivity of the flow algorithm. Women tend to have more hypopnea than men for a variety of reasons (mostly related to fat distribution), which means their sleep can be disrupted more easily and regularly throughout the night.

The For Her version of the machine has an algorithm that can pick up these subtle changes and adjust quickly and accordingly throughout the night for the most optimized and customized treatment possible.

The machine responds and auto-adjusts to each breath where the flow is limited, so that the pressure doesn’t suddenly increase dramatically for the machine user. This is incredibly important for those with low tolerance to high pressure. This auto response also allows for a more comfortable and undisturbed rest.

Feature Driven

Aside from a groundbreaking algorithm, the AirSense 10 Auto For Her has all the same beneficial features of the AirSense 10 Auto. This makes it the most feature-driven and best CPAP machine for women. It offers both an auto mode and a fixed pressure mode, detailed sleep quality reports, an ambient light sensor, remote troubleshooting and reporting, and more.

It’s also incredibly comfortable, quiet and easy to travel with. For those looking for a discreet, easy to use, and portable machine, this is definitely the best CPAP machine for women.

Attractive Design

The AirSense 10 Auto For Her isn’t just functional, but it’s also an attractive machine with a pleasant design. The For Her version comes with a simple but elegant white faceplate with flower detailing.

It can also be swapped out with a silver or black faceplate, if preferred, for a customized look. The interface is both intuitive and colour LCD, so it’s simple and enjoyable to use. When you use something as frequently as a CPAP machine, the look and feel of it matter.